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Our clients choose McNally Real Estate Group for creating a custom experience, specific to their goals.
We are held to a higher standard, YOU.

McNally Real Estate Group understands the importance of building long-term relationships based on trust and transparency. They foster open communication, provide regular updates, and offer ongoing support to their clients throughout the investment journey. This commitment to client satisfaction has earned the McNally Real Estate Group a reputation for reliability and integrity.

McNally Real Estate Group leverages technology and innovative strategies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. They embrace cutting-edge tools and platforms to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for their clients here in Florida.

By combining market knowledge, personalized service, comprehensive evaluations, strong client relationships, and technological advancements, McNally Real Estate Group has established itself as a trusted and successful entity in the Central Florida real estate industry.

Ryan McNally of McNally Real Estate Group

Ryan McNally


Ryan is the sixth generation of McNally’s to embody these qualities as the leading luxury builder in Central Florida. Ryan brings unparalleled expertise to the building process and to site evaluation. He’s known for being honest and transparent. He has an intuitive understanding of the long view, whether it concerns a project or relates to the continuity of the company’s value system. He’s been raised with an understanding of luxury and unsurpassed style with uncompromising quality. 

Brett Alvarez with McNally Real Estate Group

Brett Alvarez


Brett has unmatched knowledge of the local community and real estate in Central Florida. After 25 years of creating relationships in the area, he is an invaluable asset in the market. Brett’s expertise and experience are key to the success of his clients. The McNally tradition of value, quality and luxury continues with him, as he provides top ROI and property management know-how to his local Florida clients.

Lana Oleson of McNally Real Estate Group

Lana Oleson

Sales Agent

Lana, a highly accomplished real estate professional, works alongside her husband, Chris, as a dynamic team serving South Tampa. With a rich background as a Project Manager and team coach in the software development industry spanning over 30 years, Lana brings a unique skill set to the local Florida real estate realm. Growing up, Lana witnessed her immigrant parents' aspiration for home ownership, instilling in her a deep belief in the importance of this goal. Helping others achieve their dreams is her true passion. With a keen awareness of the housing market, local activities, and emerging trends, Lana excels in assisting clients with their home searches and optimizing sales for maximum value. Committed to being your go-to resource and trusted problem solver, Lana is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure you make the best decisions for your real estate needs here in Central Florida.

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